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“People living in the street represents the most obvious and severe manifestation of the unfulfillment of the human right to adequate housing. While estimates on scale of people living in the street are invariably difficult to ascertain with precision, it is generally mentioned in the relevant United Nations documents that there are about 100 million homeless persons in the world. Few, if any, countries have entirely eliminated people living in the street and in many nations this phenomenon is clearly increasing rather than declining, and further action is clearly required to eradicate people living in the street” (UNCHS, 1999d: paragraph 30)."

In an attempt to, make a contribution in providing a solution to the problem, Kitso Lesedi Community Development was established by a group of Christian women who had a desire and passion to minister to the homeless. They started by going to a shelter in Marabastad & in the streets within the city to pray and minister to a group then of about 45 homeless people over the weekends. They soon discovered that praying for people who are hungry and telling them about a loving God who loves everybody and cares to meet all of our needs doesn’t work and so they decided to demonstrate this love by starting a feeding scheme from their own pocket.

They started off by providing them with clothes and preparing food from their own homes and through this, a feeding scheme project was established. The number of homeless people that needed to be fed soon increased from 45 to 195 in a very short space of time, they soon realized that they can no longer afford to meet this need from their own resources and they approached local business for assistance. The number continue to grow drastically that even local business assistance resources became insufficient

Kitso Lesedi has also recognize that we cannot only provide feeding programs only but there is a definite need to establish other skills and development programs to empower the target community to be self-sufficient so as to be reintegrated into our mainstream communities and society. There is a saying that goes, do not give a man a fish but teach him how to fish so he can be able to take care of himself for the rest of his life. The fundamental nature of this organization is to LOVE and embrace people who live on the fringes of communities, to support them to grow, be responsible and productive citizens.

Maki Tselapedi
Founder and CEO

Our Vision

To love and embrace people who live on the fringes of communities and support them to grow, be responsible and become productive citizens.

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Our Mission

To provide physical, spiritual, health, mental care and support to homeless communities and assist them to gain better attitudes and skills so as to reintegrate them into the mainstream society.

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