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Intervention Plans

Kitso Lesedi

Current Intervention Plans

Our strategies are designed to produce behavior changes or improve health status among individuals or an entire population

Social Services

Our team of social workers provide counselling and social service in our offices and on site during site visits. During these times we also prepare and provide food to our beneficiaries who come for counselling and social services.

We believe that Counselling services should be accessible at all times as its sole purpose is to create both awareness and independence; empower and provides information, as we know that having to live on the street can be traumatic and thus counselling is necessary to help them never to lose hope.

Most of beneficiaries lost their IDs, never had ID, birth certificates, therefore they are not able to access the following:

  • Social grant (children, disabled and aged)
  • Employment and
  • Skill training programs

We have partnered with the department of home affairs in this regard and we have submitted a number of applications on behalf of our beneficiaries to get ID documents and this venture has been successful and majority of them have received their IDs which we keep in our offices since they are still leaving in the streets we don’t want them to lose them again. We only provide them with certified copies of ID as and when required for example if they go for job interviews

So far we have managed to assist the majority of them to get ID documents.
We also profile our beneficiaries to determine the possibility of family reunification if they still have family member who they can be reunited to and if they will still be accepted back in their families.

We also have established collaborative working relationships and partnerships with other involved NGOs in the sector as well as relevant government departments, both at the national, provincial and local level. The idea is that each person living in the street that we meet should be attended to in some way and to have their needs met and if we do not have the resources within our NGO, and therefore we should have a lieu way of being able to refer them to another organization that will be able to assist them.

Within the social services we also have a personal and grooming section and a clothing bank.

Personal Grooming and Hygiene

Kitso Lesedi also provides our beneficiaries with Basic Hygiene and washing/bathing facilities. We always ensure that we keep extra toothbrushes; washing rags; body lotion; roll- ons and sanitary towels for our beneficiaries. We make provision of these resources to enable them to come and wash and change clothing as and when needed, such as in preparation for job interviews, job hunting, or when called in to temps work, as they go for their medical check ups, when are going to clinics and all various circumstances/emergencies.

Clothing Bank

We also have a clothing bank, of donated clothes by communities and friends and they are packaged according to age size and gender. These clothes are available when needed.

No one is useless

in this world who lightens the burdens of another