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Strategic Objectives

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Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the organization are:-

  • To bring beauty out of ashes by raising champions within the homeless communities/ beneficiaries through the implementation of empowerment programmes
  • To assist our beneficiaries to gain access to all available government services such as, Disability Grants; Social Grants & HIV Grants etc.
  • To provide counselling services so as to bring healing and restoration in their lives.
  • To bring reconciliation and reunification of our homeless  beneficiaries with their families and relatives
  • To partner with other NGO’s and other stakeholders in ensuring that our beneficiaries are serviced and supported
  • To deploy outreach workers on the city’s streets to identify people who need care and provide them with the necessary support (physically, spiritually, health and socially)
  • Create and develop income- generating activities and sustainable decent employment that will enable our beneficiaries to be self-sufficient and mainstreamed back into the society
  • Develop human resources capacities and knowledge of our beneficiaries through education and training
  • Develop their business potential, including entrepreneurial and managerial capacities
  • Improve social and economic well-being, taking into account the need to eliminate all forms of discrimination and alienation from the mainstream society
  • Substance abuse and Crime Prevention: main focus will be on the unsheltered homeless communities. To provide prevention, early intervention, preparation for treatment; reintergration and after-care services to deter the use of and mitigate the impact of substance abuse.

God gives us the ugliness

so we don’t take the beautiful things in life for granted